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So first, a hundred. The WordCamp Madrid 2018 has been one of the best WordCamps I have had the pleasure of attending, and I do not say for rally or because, although I have not participated in the organization team, many of its members I consider great friends. I say it because it has been a eventazo, the numbers prove it:

  • 450 Assistants
  • 10 organizers
  • 20 Volunteers
  • 27 Papers
  • 29 Speakers

Follow up on Twitter was spectacular:


Friday, April 20

Since I live in Seville now, the ideal option to travel to Madrid was the AVE. It has the same prices as Ryanair or Iberia Express and leaves you in the center of the city. So Friday was leaving Santa Justa at 17:45.

I arrived in Madrid at 20:15, with the punctuality of a German banker. After passing to greet my host and collect the keys to his house, I came out whistling to the Espacio Montesa, a place chosen by the organization to celebrate the usual agape pre-WordCamp in which organization, speakers, volunteers and sponsors we are dedicated to eating and To drink, and in the middle we talk about business and pleasure in equal parts.

Meet with great friends like Pablo López, Fernando Tella, Mau Gelves, Carla Sáiz, Nacho Cruz, Álvaro VelascoFernando Puente Or Moncho Padrón, among others, is always a pleasure and this time was not less. This little family is one of the few things I miss from Madrid.

With a well-filled stomach and the pleasant company of Pablo Poveda I went to my eventual residence to rest.


Saturday, April 21st

This year the WordCamp Madrid has had two venues. On Saturday, the day of papers, the chosen venue was The Nave Madrid, a former elevator factory located in Villaverde. The truth is that it is a spectacular site and is very well conditioned to host this type of events.

Just arrived, parking practically at the door and a process of swift and fast accreditation. The SWAG this year has consisted of a tote bag, a cup, a Wappus very chulapos and a black T-shirt for the speakers, which came personalized Twitter account.

A coffee later, presentation and opening on account of Mau Gelves, and head to track B to see the presentation of Luis Herranz titled PWA: Goodbye PHP, Hi Javascript. It was very interesting and pretty in the line I would give later; I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one concerned about the drift that is taking the ecosystem web , although I will write about it another time.

At the end, without losing a second I went to track C to see Fernando Tella, we delighted with his presence and oratory to tell us how to be a WordPress Star and win fans and haters. I hope the WordPress.tv team does not take long to upload the videos because this is one I want to review.

As it could not be otherwise, chocolate with churros (among other things) for breakfast. Industrial quantities of churros. And a lot of networking.

Satiated and happy, I sat in front row to hear Juan Hernando say that WordPress is not only for blogs, but make one. The sight is that he has convinced me. Then I recluí a while to prepare myself mentally: the time to give my paper was approaching.

Quiet and relaxed I went to the stage of track B to explain the hodgepodge of acronyms that have accompanied us throughout the history of development web Mobile and expose the doubts that may arise to the community of developers regarding the new drift that is taking this field of ecosystem web .

And it's time to eat. Hundreds of people got our food boxes in less than ten minutes and we had a good time to meet new people, reacquainted with friends and acquaintances and generally have a good time.

After eating, I was seeing my great friend Marco Russo talking about Git, who can always learn something new.

And from there for the track A, that piece of auditorium, to see Rocío Valdivia, who presented his ponecia connecting the dots: WordPress, open source, neutrality in the network and privacy, an interesting and profound reflection on the role of Open Source in the future of Internet.

Cafelito and more networking to track the last two papers: Ibón Azkoitia, from which every day I learn more, told us about how to have a parallel project and not to stay without social life, organization, habits, tasks and productivity.

And to top the day, away Gil Mialdea, a sensational discovery in this our community, we unveiled the keys to take into account to develop a budget. No doubt it was an excellent presentation.

After the last presentation was generated a roundtable on the future of WordPress formed by Rocío Valdivia, Juan Hernando, Fernando Tella and Rafa Poveda and moderated by Fernando Puente. Very interesting, I hope you also upload it to WordPress.tv to review it.

I would have liked it to be a little longer, the truth, but the body and mind of all were almost to the limit, so without further delay Mauricio returned to the stage to close this edition of the WordCamp Madrid with its unmistakable style, not without before Extol worked Or of the whole organization that have managed that this WordCamp has been one of the best WordPress events of the year in Spain.

To finish the day on a good foot, the famous After Party was held right there, just finished. With a super relaxed atmosphere, beers La Virgen and music by the hand of Alejandro Sevilla, more than 150 people stayed until almost eleven in the evening socializing.


Sunday, April 22nd

Despite the famous marathon that, traditionally, does not use the contributor Day half of Madrid, I managed to arrive in advance enough to be able to have a coffee and help a little in the organization of the space, Campus Madrid.

The truth is that it was a success, more than 120 people who for most of them was his first time in a WordCamp. Six work tables were formed to cover different aspects of the work of the Community: translation, support, Core, community, WordPressTV and design. The latter two are new since the corresponding teams have recently been created in WordPress.org.

Pablo Lopez messed me up to participate in the support table, this year with a fairly successful new format, as we have such a good team on the forums that there were no unanswered questions. After a good time of collaboration and learning, my favorite moment of contributor Day:

After a while more talk with old acquaintances, we closed the event again with Mauricio, we picked up and took the last, not without first saying goodbye after an intense weekend.

  • I love this tribe. I have been introduced to some new people on Friday or Saturday, and I was saying goodbye to them on Sunday with a hug. priceless.
  • We are looking at how the technical level of the papers is being diluted in many other fields that are now being paid more attention and the developers are sorry. Eye, among the culprits I include myself, that this time I have lowered the technical level of my paper, perhaps looking for a little more acceptance among the general public.
  • I think there is a hype of WordCamps in Spain. We talk about one every month practically, and I think it is an unsustainable figure. There are also some WordCamps veterans who are going to stop celebrating if they don't find relays in the organization. I think we will see the amount of WordCamps to be put down in the next few years.
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