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Well, well, well. Today is Sunday November 25th and almost still lasts me the hangover of the WordCamp Granada 2018. That I have been joined with this weekend in Madrid. The bird back to Sevilla is always an inspiring scenario to write. So I'm on it.

Since the last 7th of July was announced during the WordCamp Sevilla 2018, the first WordCamp Granada has generated a lot of expectation, largely due to the magnificent work of its communication team. Granada is a beautiful city, full of slopes and with an infernal traffic. But it's beautiful. And that is also transmitted to their people, who have welcomed and pampered us as if we were family. The truth is that, as I have commented during the weekend with many colleagues and, especially, with the organization of the event, to be the first WordCamp held in Granada has been a success of public and, as I am seeing the internet TM, also of criticism.

The numbers

According to official data, the WordCamp Granada 2018 has 290 attendees, 10 organizers, 33 Volunteers, 30 speakers, 21 Sponsors and 3 coffee breaks. For my part I can add and I added 3 days Magnificent, 1 dinner of speakers fun and in which we do not starve, 11 alhambras 1925, 18 km to PATA and more than 50 (one up, one down) friends, companions, acquaintances whom I have Had the pleasure of seeing and sharing a little chat with them again. Hugs and kisses for everyone.

My experience

This edition I did not go to contributor Day because I arrived on Friday to Granada almost at the time of registering in the apartment, make my ablutions and go out whistling to meet my favorite duo after Tia and Tamera Mowry: Pablo López and Pablo Poveda AKA The Pablos. after a bit of tapas with updates, we went to the Carmen de la Victoria to the dinner of speakers/sponsors/organizers/volunteers, with professional ham cutter included. So Delicious!

For the plan of the Sabbath for this WordCamp I have organized myself more calmly; There are a few on the back and you will notice the experience. In addition, someone has picked up the glove of the debate on the technical level in the papers (or that has seemed), so I chose four essential talks from the development track and delegated the rest of my learning to videos that are already going up to WordPress.tv. In this way I could enjoy a little more of the papers and of the networking while I was able to calm the everlasting nerves that attack me the days of presentation.

First of all thank Heaven to have gone first thing and not miss the best opening WordCamp of history:

Shows aside, I could see JJ mere with Git! (Push!) What's the use? Absolutely for everything!, caching for all of Mike Schroder, WordPress in the ' 80 (with WP-CLI) by Javier Casares, and José Ángel Vidania talking about Gutenberg and WordPress themes. In short, four pieces of speakers with some very interesting topics:

After the meal I had to present my affection to the multimedia library, with which I wanted to have a detail with this element of WordPress that has hardly been dedicated attention in the WordCamps. I'll soon link the video to WordPress.tv.

David Navia – Photo by Marco A. Cerón.

Finally, before returning to the apartment to rest I attended Teamwork when each Maestrillo has its booklet of the Pablos, where I could know the know-how accumulated by my companions in our adventures.

Pablo Poveda and Pablo López – Photo by AndererWinkel

At night, I can hardly tell of the After Party that has not already been said. Although you can't stop making special mention of the chocolate fountain. I haven't seen one in years. Chapeau!


Although I have already stated on more than one occasion, both in person and on Twitter, I want to congratulate all the human team that has made possible an event of these characteristics: Organizers, volunteers, speakers, sponsors, assistants, photographers , audiovisual technicians, catering, etc. and in general the whole WordPress community (thus, with capital letters) to continue in the gap, pushing hard and attending all possible events. Some companions carry a large backpack full of miles on their backs. And that's beautiful.

See you at the bars!

(Thanks to AndererWinkel and to Marco A. Cerón For your photos)

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