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Yesterday was held the meetup of September of the group of Meetup WordPress Sevilla, and I had the privilege of giving a talk that haunted my mind for a long time: how to explain Git to non-technicians. In people with no technical knowledge of programming and provide basic notions of work without using console. I know it is a complicated issue, that during the daily work can appear many different casuistic and many times even the most savvy have problems when managing our repositories, but I want to think-and so I transmitted Some of the attendants--who generally understood the message.

The video of the talk can be seen in soon and I will edit this entry to embed it. Meanwhile, here I leave the presentation:

I want to thank from here also the sponsors Spacers, which provides the local, and Weglot, which provides merchandising, discounts and resources for the acquisition of audiovisual material.

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