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With the advent of the pandemic and the normalization of telecommuting, you no longer need to move to work with foreign companies. All you need to do is learn English. With these prospects, the online brain drain is a fact.

This thought was prompted by my dear friend Victor MartinI'm a great frontender and a better person, a couple of days ago. And if we think about it, it poses a somewhat bleak horizon in the Spanish IT industry.

It goes without saying that there are many good IT-based companies in Spain. But in my humble opinion and based on my relatively short professional career, in all the companies in which I have worked in one way or another there is a more or less absolute disregard for technology, good practices, innovation and continuous improvement.

It is clear that this is not something exclusive to the IT industry in our country, quite the contrary:the short-term mentality is a way of understanding life and business very typical of Spaniards. We can see it in, for example, some of the most important aspects that define the future of a country, such as education, the economic fabric, health or energy policy. But that's a subject for another post.

In Greece they are already seeing it: the brain drain that caused the crisis of 2010, and which is still ongoing, is a drag on the country's economy. So they want to create a Greek Silicon Valley that allows the return of those who left and takes advantage of the money invested in the training of its young people, instead of giving it away to other countries.

Come to Germany, Pepe

So, faced with this situation, whoever more or less, ends up thinking about going to Germany, Pepe, or jumping the English Channel or the pond and work for the perfidious Albion or Uncle Sam. It seems that in these countries they have a little more love for technology. Not to mention the salaries, which are much higher. So, what for them means paying you a pittance, for those who live in Spain it means a much more than decent salary to be able to plan your life beyond paying the next month's bills. So if you are fluent in English, and have some experience, it is a good job market to explore.

Do you know anyone who is working remotely for foreign companies? Do you think that technology is less valued in Spain than in other countries? Leave me your comments.

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